Loh Pui Loong


LPL Associates is a diversified firm in Klang Valley, Malaysia, and provides accounting, goods and services tax (SST), and income tax services. We mainly provide high-quality, professional and affordable accounting and tax filing services for start-up businesses and small businesses. In addition, we also provide overseas businesses such as China, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore with other business related services.


LPL Associates是一个在马来西亚雪隆的一间多元化事务所,并且提供会计、消费税、服務稅和所得税务的服务。我们主要是帮助刚创业的业者和小本生意提供高品质、专业与负担得起的会计与报税服务。除外,我们还提供海外业者如,中国、台湾、澳大利亚、新加坡等的商家和业者相关服务。