As Asia’s longest standing Business Media, in order to help consumers recognise corporate brands in the business world and enhance corporate brand images, “SHIPBA” aims to recognise the outstanding achievements of exceptional enterprises, as well as promote remarkable entrepreneurial spirit of business enterprises. Through stringent screening procedures, ShangHai is committed to promoting brand image internationally, bestowing enterprises with outstanding brand positioning, and at the same time giving consumers the confidence to identify the trademark of an excellent brand.

With 45 years of renowned brand credibility, “SHIPBA” aims to help companies promote their corporate brand image, while enhancing their brand and market exposure, so as to attract new partnership opportunities, and to help companies gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive market.

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Established in 1979, “ShangHai Business Media” is Malaysia’s top-ranked and the world’s second-oldest Chinese-language business magazine. Its global ranking is as follows:
Rank No.2 in the world
Economic Digest (1947, Hong Kong)
ShangHai Business Media (1979, Malaysia)
Business Weekly (1986, China)
Asia Weekly (1987, Hong Kong)

In 2018, “ShangHai Business Media” underwent a transformation from print to digital media, becoming one of Malaysia’s most influential platforms and a gathering place for numerous Chinese entrepreneurs. With over 44 years of refinement, “ShangHai Business Media” combines both online and offline communication platforms and has assembled a professional and experienced marketing strategy team for effective planning.

5 Reasons to Join SHIPBA

Earn recognition for the successes of your team and the accomplishments of your company.

Establish yourself as the leader among others in your industry.

Elevate your company's reputation and credibility.

Generate new business prospects and engage with potential clients.

Comprehensive self assessment, enabling benchmarking, identifying improvement areas, and enhancing overall performance.

Chances of Enjoying Benefits


Participating in exclusive event organized by SHIPBA


Honoured with the SHIPBA Trophy and Cerfiticate


Extensive publicity campaign to increase the exposure of business


Networking with all SHIPBA Participant

Logo usage

Authorised to use SHIPBA logo in all kind of advertising and branding profile

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