Founded in 1956, Sun Yuen Rubber Manufacturing Co. Sdn. Bhd., is now one of the leading producers of premium tyre inner tubes, tyre rim flaps and tyre retreading materials across South East Asia. Sun Yuen take a prominent position in the domestic and international export market with a complete range of tyre inner tubes for commercial to heavy industrial vehicles, including aviation inner tubes.


“Sun Yuen are also O.E.M for major tyre manufactures in Asia and for over 66 years, have been producing curing tubes/airbags for the tyre retreading industries in Malaysia.” Angee Ng Nyen Yee said.


Sun Yuen are committed to provide a high level of service and products to enable customers to move forward in their business. Their pro-active innovative spirit, is visualized in their “Continuous Development” programme, as they fulfil and meet customers’ expectations through their TQC (Total Quality Control) concept.


Governed by ethics and integrity, Sun Yuen as its name suggests (New Era in Chinese) looks ahead to new eras in innovation.


To lead business to give back to the community, Angee emphasized, “our founder and Chairman, the late Mr. Chan Chak Yong PMP PPT was an active philanthropist and who was very active in social works in our hometown of Menglembu and also in Ipoh. He was the Chairman of the local primary school (SJKC Wan Hwa 1, Menglembu) for 21 years and during that time donated an entire new block of building to the school. We are mindful of our Corporate Social Responsibility and has continue with our late Chairman’s legacy of supporting and giving back to the community.”


“Science is constantly evolving in our world and we make every effort to lift the business up to world standards through “SUN YUEN and INNOVATION IN MOTION” or simply known as SY·NOVATION IN MOTION. We comply with highest industrial standards, and from technical expertise to process improvement and resource refinement, we are ready to lead the way.”